White Lady In Ruins 1977

Total Number Of Originals: 10 (2 available)
Size Of Piece: 24 inches
Size Of Frame: 36 x 30 inches
Original Type: Vintage Cibachrome Deluxe
Hand printed by The Artist 45 years ago.
Price: £12,000
The original haunting gothic masterpiece. Elliott loved the idea of a haunting figure, head stooped in mourning as his first intentional elegy for Margaret Pomeroy. It has benn published and exhibited internationally.
''White Lady In Ruins' 1977 is a widely loved masterpiece. Yet few know the dark and dramatic legend upon which it is based. Paradoxically, neither did the artist. Elliott discovered ‘England’s Most Haunted House’ purely by chance in 1972 and created one of his earliest artistic triumphs there. He returned in 1974 to create another image, when the gamekeeper happened by during the shoot and related a small part of the legend. Pursuant to this encounter Elliott titled this second image ‘The Picture For Margaret Pomeroy’.
Margaret Pomeroy was a woman of great beauty. She had a sister called Eleanor and they both fell in love with the same man. Eleanor locked Margaret in the dungeon of the Berry Pomeroy Castle until she slowly and painfully starved to death. ‘White Lady In Ruins’ 1977, was the first deliberate elegy for Margaret Pomeroy and the last picture Elliott ever shot in Devon, before he permanently left to live in London. Although created decades ago, the image is unquestionably iconic and has a haunting, tim
eless quality which continues to fascinate today. Timelessness is the true test of all great art.