Vanity Pink 1983
Total Number Of Originals: 10 (1 available)
Size Of Piece: 17 x 12 inches
Size Of Frame: 27 x 22 inches
Original Type: Vintage Cibachrome Deluxe
Hand printed by The Artist 40 years ago.
Price: £7,000
Looking for all the world like a fallen angel in black, as an icon of elegance and grace “Vanity Pink” is one of those rare images where Elliott displays his own unique vision of style and beauty. Oceans away from the gob-smacking glamour icons prevalent in his later work, the beautiful girl and harmonious shades of pink blend to form a stunning and memorable image. Another brilliant example of Elliott’s ability to create a striking dynamic from an essentially still image. The piece is undoubtedly one of Elliott’s great crowd-pleasers and it sometimes confounds people that an artist capable of such lightness of touch, can also create images of such colossal power. The haute couture make up and accessories together with an incredibly graceful poise make this undoubtedly one of Elliott’s most beautiful images of women. An unforgettable image of seamless, delicate beauty. The photograph is widely loved and rarely fails to appeal.

Note: Elliott is not a professional photographer.
He is a pioneering Artist Photographer.