Diamond Black Of Hearts 1984

Unique World Edition Of Originals: 9 (1 available)
Size Of Piece: 48 x 41 inches
Size Of Frame: 34 x 23 inches
Original Type: Vintage Cibachrome Deluxe
Hand printed by The Artist

Cibachromes of this size are very rare in Elliott's work, mostly because of the huge technical challenges with what was a very slow material. This piece for example, took 8 minutes to expose in the artist's darkroom. It required state of the art equipment, which Elliott owned.

He often joked that his darkroom 'cost a Ferrari'.

There are less than thirty Cibachrome prints this large in the entire collection and the process is long since obsolete.

This is perhaps the magnum opus of the erotica.

This major work took 247 hours of work to create and was one of Elliott's 'Symphonies for the Camera'. A unique approach, much imitated, which Elliott innovated early Seventies, showing unprecedented creativity, control and attention to detail. It is in some ways, an erotic version of Seventies classic 'Pseudosynthesis' of 1976.

Elliott was an artist for more than a decade, before he started creating original, iconic, erotica masterpieces. Between 1979 and 1984 he created about a dozen images which became world famous via international publications. 'Diamond Black Of Hearts' was one of them. What is extraordinary about Elliott's art is his ability to take on a much used genre and do something absolutely fresh. The early erotica was massively influential and launched a million fetish photographers. Elliott is a pioneer in all areas of his Art. He creates everything in his images himself, without assistance - a unique and superior approach. These are masterpieces not assistant-pieces, as is so common today. In this particular piece he even created the painting, the table, the blue wall, the plate, heart and fork, the bottle, the glasses, the playing card, the box, the lip prints.... even the skirt, in order to achieve his absolute vision.