Total Number Of Originals: 8 (1 available)
Size Of Piece: 18 x 14 inches (life size)
Size Of Metal Frame: 26 x 22 inches
Original Type: Vintage Cibachrome Deluxe
Hand printed by The Artist 40 years ago.
Price: £7,000

One of the most remarkable things about this piece is the colour palette, which is very unusual for the artist. It was in fact created just before Elliott shifted towards his trademark reds, purples and blues in the early Eighties.The picture has a wonderful sense of dynamism, with the usual subtle touches such as the flooring visually echoing the dice dots. Needles to say you can’t buy flooring in that colour so Elliott aerosprayed it to the exact shade. Elliott also made the blue dice when, after endless searching, Elliott concluded large blue dice do not exist.
This relentless insistence on an art true to his imagination, is a hallmark of Elliottonian perfection. Elliott's art always gives the impression of total autonomy. An absolute vision without compromise. Everything is where it should be and nothing is superfluous. All the extraneous clutter which typifies a snapshot, is absent in Elliott's icons.

The image has a wonderful sense of high living, sex, gambling and excitement.
And a great 'feelgood' factor.

Partly inspired, as was much of Elliott’s early work, by music. In this case “Tumbling Dice” by the Rolling Stones. Elliott also loves and frequents casinos for the sheer glamour of it. Although he never gambles. As he says “I’ve gambled my life on Art - that’s enough.” Perhaps that is the real expression here. The juxtaposition of angles, geometry and dynamic dice, create a superb eye wrenching image.