1. The rarity factor is colossal. Just over 400 works from 5 decades.

2. Each piece is exquisitely perfected and takes up to 407 hours of work to create.

3. Elliott pioneered one-offs and tiny editions of originals. Average edition is about 3.

4. Elliott creates a UNIQUE WORLD EDITION or ONE-OFF from each image. He has never released the usual 'alternative' editions.

5.Elliott pioneered the two most revolutionary art forms in history. Who else did that?

6. Elliott does not allow proofs.

7. Elliott is a world class, master colour printer. Both darkroom and lightroom. He prints each piece personally on his own equipment.

8. Elliott and his work have an international reputation with formidable critical acclaim.

9. Elliott creates everything in his images himself. These are masterpieces not assistantpieces. This is not art by proxy.

10. Pieces have already sold for up to £25,500 ($40,000).

11. Work shows extraordinary originality and heavyweight substance.

12. This is beautiful, heavyweight Art and has intense visual impact. Difficult to find these days.

13 . This is heavyweight art. It is both beautiful and profound. A very rare combination.

14. A hand made certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist is supplied. Acquisiton form the artist is the ultimate provenance.